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Photo provided by Northern Canoe Trail-Clyde Smith

The Vermont Trails & Greenways Council seeks to ensure that people will always have access to adequate land and water-based trails and greenways.

Vermonters and visitors continue to take to the roads and trails on foot, bicycles, horses and machines in increasing numbers. Our trails and greenways provide a bounty of benefits beyond the pleasure of recreation. More and more people are taking personal responsibility for their fitness and discovering the benefits of regular walking. Bicycling to work has seen a large jump particularly since the increase in gasoline prices. People of all ages are learning about Vermont’s natural and cultural heritage through an increasing variety of trail-based educational programs. Neighbors and friends in every Vermont community enjoy the social benefits of trails that connect important public places such as schools, parks and forests.

Our dedication to nurturing the creation of Vermont’s trails and greenways and protecting them from demise continues. Our diverse membership continues to work in concert on important issues such as increasing funding for trail planning and development, protecting the public rights-of-way, easing regulatory permitting, and fostering good landowner relationships. We continue to provide important planning and educational resources through our newsletter, publications, website and our trails tracks at the Governor’s Conference on Recreation in October.

To remain a viable force in shaping the future of Vermont recreation, VT&GC needs to maintain an active membership and continue foster partnerships with the private, public and non-profit interests. We will continue to fulfill and expand our statutory designation as an advisory council to state government and increase our membership and participation among local municipalities and trail related commercial interests. We are actively recruiting new members and contributors so that we can expand the services of the council and strengthen our staff support. Please take a minute to consider joining and supporting the Vermont Trails and Greenways Council so that we can keep up our important work.

Local Motion

Local Motion is a member-supported non-profit organization promoting people-powered transportation and recreation for healthy and sustainable Vermont communities.

VTGC submits the annual Commissioner's Report

The VTGC has completed a year long process of reaching out to all recreation trail user’s with a survey series to develop a report for the Commissioner of ANR.  This report focuses on recommendations that would improve state-wide recreation trails.  You can access the report by follow this link.

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