The Vermont Trails & Greenways Council (VTGC) helps plan for the future of Vermont’s recreational activities. It promotes the development and maintenance of trails, coordinates public and private trail efforts, encourages education programs, and recommends the allocation of funds of trail and greenway programs. The most important role of the Council is to give all of Vermont’s recreational community the vehicle for working together as a cohesive unit to advance recreation in Vermont.

When VTGC was established more than a decade ago, one of its primary goals was to assure that a mechanism was set in place that would assure funding for trails in the United States. Another role of the Council was the passage of the Vermont Trails Act. A part of this program established the Vermont Trails System as well as the Vermont Trails Fund. The Vermont Trails Fund returns 3/4 of one percent (not to exceed $370,000), of Vermont’s off highway vehicle gas tax, to the infrastructure of Vermont’s trails.

Since that time the Council has continued working towards several other goals.

  • It coordinates the efforts of user groups with government agencies and landowners.
  • It encourages educational programs by all related groups and agencies.
  • It serves as a clearinghouse.
  • It carries out studies and/or promotes research and publications.
  • It coordinates matters related to appropriate legislation.

The Vermont Trails & Greenways Council is an important part of Vermont’s recreational community. Anyone who has an interest in the development or maintenance of trails or greenways should become a member. The more members we have, the more influence we have in government related decisions that affect trail users in Vermont.


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