Survey says……..

We would like to thank everyone who took the first survey of the VTGC 2012 Survey Series.  The VTGC will be using these surveys to develop the report that we will be submiting to the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources in September.  The focus of this report will be to relay the state and needs of Vermont’s recreation trail to the Commissioner of the Agency of Natural Resources.  The report can be used to craft and direction action to support statewide recreation trails.  It is necessary that all user-groups participate to have comprehensive feedback and a well rounded report.  Have your voice heard!

Our first survey presented seven topics that have repeatedly been raised at VTGC meetings.  Our goal was to prioritize the topics to help guide our focus for the next three surveys.  There were 140 respondents.  Here are the respondents broken out by user-group:

The survey was set-up to rank the topic priority by putting them in order from one to seven, one being the highest priority.  The topics with the lowest scores are the ones that are the most important among respondents.  We will focus our next three survey on the top three topics.

Top three topics:

1.       Creating a statute granting incentives for landowners to allow public recreation trails and campsites on their property.

2.       Reforming/refining the trail permitting

3.       Raising the $370,000 cap on the Vermont Gas Tax moneys that are currently devoted to recreation trails